A Comprehensive Home Selling Solution

Homarc has the resources and experience to guarantee a smooth move and the peace of mind you deserve. You’ll be matched with a consultant who is expert in your local real estate market. A no-obligation Home Visit will help your consultant determine your relocation goals.

Here’s how it works:

  1. At your Home Visit, your Homarc consultant will discuss:
  • Your current moving goals, including measurable and achievable milestones
  • Specific recommendations on home improvements to increase salability
  • The best service providers (e.g., painters, roofers, repairmen) to help your home look its best and sell fast
  1. Your consultant will identify at least two highly qualified Realtors who have a thorough knowledge of your area. YOU’LL select the Realtor you want to work with.
  1. Your Homarc consultant will work with you to manage the entire process of selling your home, ensuring a smooth move.